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Telecom Industries

To remain competitive in the market characterized by innovation, rapid technology evolution and low customer loyalty, telecom operators and service providers need to be able to introduce new services and products time and cost effectively.


At ProgLogix, you will find a team experienced in developing systems and applications for wired and wireless communications, such as network testing and management (QoS), BSS/OSS, and mobile value-added services (VAS).


Our expertise improves your operating efficiency while retaining customer loyalty and increasing wallet share. We help accelerate product innovation, increase go-to-market speeds, and lower product development and support expenses.


We provide end-to-end information technology consulting, systems integration, technical capabilities in core network technologies, and custom application development and maintenance services for the Telecommunications industry.


Our range of services -

Finance Software Order and Service Management
Finance Software Workforce Automation
Finance Software Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) exchanges
Finance Software Operation and business support system
Finance Software Billing and mediation
Finance Software Wireless Enabling for business users
Finance Software Integration with packaged and standard solutions
Finance Software Customization and Localization Services
Finance Software Product design and development
Finance Software Embedded software development and testing
Finance Software Software integration services




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